Christine takes women deep into God's Word, stretching and growing them in ways they didn't even realize they needed.
Kara-Kae James
Author & Founder of Thrive Moms
Gospel Hope + Help in Truth + Love
Christine's talks are Christ-centered, uphold the sufficiency of the Scriptures, and aim at addressing matters of the heart, or "inner man": thoughts, motives, desires, and hopes. In messages that revolve around common counseling issues (such as depression, anxiety, anger, self-harm, etc.) she adheres to a dualistic view of man—that we are embodied souls—and promotes a biblically holistic approach to addressing these issues. For further clarification, please refer to the ACBC's 95 Theses for an Authentically Christian Commitment to Counseling.
Recently Developed Message Titles & Topics:
Stewarding Our Stories
Paul Tripp once wrote, "our suffering does not belong to us." When we've been afflicted (physically, spiritually, emotionally, etc.), the comforts we received from God aren’t meant to be stored and locked away in a dungeon of experiences we’d rather forget. Yet, sometimes it’s hard to become vulnerable enough to let our guard down for the sake of stepping into someone else’s pain. In this session, we’ll explore God’s good design for genuine Christian community. By taking a long, hard look at some of the reasons why we hesitate to bravely share our life stories with others, we’ll discover how the gospel of Jesus Christ empowers us to steward past hurts and sorrows into redemptive opportunities for genuine, meaningful fellowship.
Engaging Our Emotions
Whatever the circumstances are, emotions play a key role in how we respond by faith to the world around us. Sometimes, we find ourselves attempting to ignore how we’re feeling. Other times, we allow our emotions free reign. Whichever end of the spectrum we find ourselves, navigating overwhelming feelings can be an exhausting battle. In this session, we learn that the Scriptures offer us a better way: we don’t need to ignore or embrace our overwhelming emotions, but rather, we need to engage them. So what does it look like to engage emotions such as anger, anxiety, and grief? Are all negative emotions really bad? Are all positive feelings really good? We’ll dive into the gospel of grace to find practical helps for addressing overwhelming emotions in spiritually fruitful ways.
Remembering Our Hope
Have you ever experienced a dashed hope? Many of us know what it’s like to put our hope into something or someone, only to be disappointed by the outcome. When trials come and life gets hard, we become disoriented and tempted to place our hope and trust in created things instead of the Creator, often leading us into deep despair and doubt. In this session, we will examine the nature of our hearts’ hopes and desires, and see how Jesus Christ serves as the true and better hope. We’ll examine what is means to place our hope in Christ alone, and learn how to preach the gospel to ourselves when the world around us appears chaotic and uncertain.
Additional Topics:
Parenting a Depressed Teen
Engaging Grief with Hope
One Another Care & Discipleship
Christine's words were filled with Scripture and powerful truths. She is authentic and transparent. I am so excited to recommend her as an exceptional speaker.
Ruth McWhite
Women's Ministry Director, North Greenville University
2020 Speaking Schedule
• February 6, 2020 | JC Cares | Engaging Our Emotions | Easley, SC
• February 9, 2020 | Trinity Point Church | Depression Testimony | Easley, SC
• February 28-29, 2020 | Community Bible Church Women's Conference | Savannah, GA
• April 28, 2020 | Redeemer Community Church Women's Event| Remembering Our Hope | Asheville, NC
• April 2020 | Trinity Point Church | Help! My Teen is Depressed | Easley, SC
• September 2020 | Triangle Community Church Women's Conference | Apex, NC
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"Planning a retreat is a lot of work. One of the most difficult parts of the planning process is finding a speaker and knowing how to care for her well. As the women’s ministry coordinator for my church and as someone who travels and speaks at other churches on a regular basis, I’ve been on both sides of the planning process." 

Author and speaker Melissa Krueger recently compiled a helpful overview based on her personal experiences in women's ministry. If you are new to coordinating women's ministry events, or would simply like some additional insights into helpful ways to collaborate with speakers, I'd encourage you to check out her insights!
I had the pleasure of working alongside Christine and I could not have asked for a better speaker and collaborator.
Brittany Ibarra
Rancho Community Church, Temecula, CA
Where Am I Located?
I reside in the beautiful upstate of South Carolina with my husband and three children. I am available for travel, schedule permitting. Live video conferences are considered on a limited basis.

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