When I was coming out of abuse, I kept praise and worship music playing continually. I sang out loud when I felt especially overwhelmed. There is nothing more powerful than making Him bigger than your problems. Give Him your fears and your heart. He is entirely trustworthy and able to move you from victim to victor.
– Joy Forrest
About the Episode
In this episode of The Hope + Help Project, Christine Chappell interviews counselor, speaker, and author Joy Forrest. They discuss Joy's book, Called to Peace: A Survivor's Guide to Finding Healing and Peace After Domestic Abuse to discover how the gospel of Jesus Christ offers the resources necessary to turn victims into victors. During the conversation, Joy shares her own testimony of overcoming abuse. She also explains why victims cannot change the behaviors of their abuser, how she overcame the guilt that resulted from watching her marriage fail, and the importance of rooting our identity in Christ when walking through domestic violence recovery.
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About the Podcast
The Hope + Help Project podcast offers compassionate biblical conversations about life's challenging problems. The purpose of the podcast is to share Christ-centered comfort and clarity for those seeking biblical solutions for the struggles they face. The podcast accomplishes this by offering a mix of interviews with seasoned biblical counseling professionals and ministry leaders on a variety of topics. Listeners can expect to receive biblical wisdom as well as practical steps for facing suffering, struggling and sin with courage and grace. Hosted by author/writer Christine M. Chappell.
About the Guest
Joy has been an advocate for victims of domestic violence since 1997, and is author of Called to Peace: A Survivor’s Guide to Finding Peace and Healing After Domestic Abuse and the Called to Peace Companion Workbook. She holds an M.A. in Biblical Counseling from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and held the position of Community Educator for Safe Space Domestic Violence Services in Louisburg, NC from 2000-2001. She has served as a biblical counselor in church settings and private practice since 2005.

Her own experiences as a former victim of domestic abuse, along with her involvement with Safe Space and church counseling, caused her to see a major need for churches to become better equipped to help families affected by DV. In January 2015, she helped establish Called to Peace to promote domestic violence awareness, particularly within the faith community. Joy is also a Certified Advocate with the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

The twofold purpose of Called to Peace Ministries is to provide education to those interested in learning effective strategies for dealing with family violence, and to provide practical assistance to those affected by it. Joy has spoken on domestic abuse in a variety of venues from seminary classrooms, to seminars and conferences, to radio and television. Her blog contains many articles on domestic abuse, as well as posts on other counseling issues and victorious Christian living.
About the Book
Called to Peace: A Survivor's Guide to Finding Peace and Healing After Domestic Abuse • What do you do when you don’t believe in divorce, but find yourself in a toxic, or even dangerous, marriage? This is an agonizing struggle for many women; it certainly was for Joy Forrest, founder of Called to Peace Ministries. Joy prayed, sought counseling, and read every book she could find on the subject, but the intimidation she endured from her husband continued to escalate until fleeing the danger became her only option. Even then, she found herself overwhelmed by guilt and shame. As a devout Believer, Joy immersed herself in prayer and Bible study and, over time, began to see God’s heart for the oppressed and realized the erroneous beliefs that had kept her in bondage.

Called to Peace is one part memoir and one part guidebook. Joy’s story and insight will help you to recognize the signs of an abusive relationship, as well as provide you spiritual truths to combat guilt and promote healing after abuse. Whether you are in an abusive relationship yourself, or desire to help someone else who is suffering from domestic abuse, this book offers hope, inspiration, and biblical guidance.
Helpful Resources from Joy
Can an Abuser Change? If So, What Does Change Look Like?
Some domestic violence activists say that abusive people can never change-- that they are wolves in sheep's clothing and irredeemable. The opposite extreme is that many times untrained people helpers fall for false repentance and force victims to reconcile even when the abuser has done nothing to rebuild trust. This discussion with Chris Moles explores the possibility of change and how people helpers can determine genuine heart change.
I Am Not a Victim: Overcoming Domestic Abuse
By its very nature domestic violence attacks the identity of those who experience it. Abusive people use intimidation, manipulation, and mind games that leave their victims confused, insecure, and believing they are worthless. This workshop will explore ways to help victims of domestic abuse overcome the common lies and beliefs that prevent them from realizing their true identity in Christ.
Barriers Victims Face
Joy Forrest explains survey results from hundreds of victims of abuse on the barriers and injustices they faced as an introduction to Called to Peace Ministries' fall 2018 conference, Justice to Light.
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Christine M. Chappell
Writer & Podcast Host
Christine Chappell is the author of Clean Home, Messy Heart, Help! My Teen is Depressed (forthcoming with Shepherd Press in March 2020), and is the host of The Hope + Help Project podcast. She is passionate about advocating for biblical one-another care and discipleship in the context of the local church. Her writing has been featured at Desiring God, The Gospel Coalition, Risen Motherhood, Servants of Grace, and other Christian platforms. Christine blogs regularly at christinemchappell.com and lives in South Carolina with her husband and three children.
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